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Why I don’t use Windows as my Operating System

For the past few years I have been switching back and forth between MS Windows and Linux as my primary OS. I have had more issues with Windows over the years from virus’s, drone attacks, pop ware, cyber attacks, worm’s and every other kind of attack you can think of. Most of the time this was caused by some infection from email or other downloaded program that some hacker had put together in an effort to gain access to my OS. For instance back in the mid to late 90’s I had to remove more Form A virus’s from systems than I have ever seen.

What is a Form A virus?

A Form A virus is possibly the worst attack on an OS that can happen. What happens is a malicious program will attack the boot sector and the software layer of the initial process. Here is what I have seen myself…. So I get a system that won’t boot, or boots the wrong information. Initially the virus has changed the boot logic from a 0 to a 1 or vice verse. Cleaning a virus like this can be a straight forward process or it can cause you to want to pull your hair out. Just a total nightmare.

Linux Compared to Windows

So a few years back I was playing around with two of the biggies out in Linux land…. SUSE and Redhat… OMG both of these are Enterprise solutions for businesses as their OS for high production machines. Over the years from the original Linux versions have brought out all kinds of distributions of the original Linux flavors those being Debian, SUSE or Redhat but each are built on top of the Kernal. For instance company ABC wants a generic build so that they can come up with their own core platform. They would start with the most current build of the Kernal and adapt their own design around it. Kali Linux comes to mind since it is a small framework that you have to build the OS to your liking, unlike Linux Mint or Fedora, or any of the other 100’s of flavors of Linux on the market, so you create something that is completely personal for you.

That right there should be the biggest seller for most people but I hear all the time that they can’t live without Windows. Why? Email? Internet access? What can’t you live without. Do you want to play games? Oh I know what it is…. You love throwing your hard earned money away for all the add on’s for Windows.

Lets take a look at exactly how much it some of this is going to cost you… If it doesn’t come with your system Windows 10 is about $100.00, office product from let’s say Microsoft or another packaged office product… $150 to $200 easy. Antivirus software sometimes you can get it free but most of the time you have to pay for it. Cost $50 to $100. Let’s say you spent $300 for all this, well what about Linux? Well let’s see… Pick your flavor and download either the boot cd or you could get it on a CD from a magazine. Office Software…. Free. Antivirus… Not needed, why? Well unlike Windows where you download software from a third party developer, Linux doesn’t need all that to make it run. If you want a program 99% of the time you will be using a software center to get your program’s. Let me put it like this.. How much have I spent over the past year for all the software I have on my Linux build…. Zero dollars!

Let me just say that I can do everything with my Linux system that someone running Windows can do. Plus I don’t need to worry about viruses. 

Here is something to think about… So I get a call the other day from a Windows user that he had some problems with his system not booting… My first question is always the same… Did you get the Blue Screen of Death, or what is the initial problem with the OS.  Come to find out that it is a problem with the security layer of the OS.  Now I have been working of systems for years, so if I get to looking at a problem I can come up with the solution within 30 mins on a Windows box. First thing I do is to jump on technet (Microsoft’s techie website) for a solution. The answer I get from there doesn’t conform to the problem that was stated since the two OS’s don’t match up. OK so I do some more investigation and find that the OS was changed but the Antivirus wasn’t. Go figure. Yes it is just that critical to make sure that it all works correctly. So after spending the better part of a day getting it cleaned up and getting the registry restored, in the end I made another customer very happy!!! Now how does this relate to Linux… Well if I had to do the same thing to a Linux build it would have taken me about 10 mins time and effort to get it back working again.