Tools I Use

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Building Components

Bring to life your next great project



Laravel has to b the best option when I am building a website. It is 100% customizable and responsive out of the box.  I have used it for many of my projects over the past 2 years.  Go back and take a look at some of my past projects that are tagged as Laravel to see exactly what you can do with this.

Spring FrameWork

 This by far is the most extensive Framework I have worked with so far.  So exactly what is it?  Spring is the Developers tool to use when you want to create an application, Website, ECommerce site or really anything that you can image. What is Spring? Well it starts off with JAVA on the backend and is tied to a SQL or noSQL database and the web components are tied together through the Application store to the Client frontend.  So what you see is a great and secure site. Security is tied together between Spring and JAVA to stop host attacks.



C# Application


When I first started with C# is was a massive library that tied together a host of different things that could be done with this. From building Windows forms and applications to now with the ability of using the .NET Core backend together with using and client framework like to build an impressive web application.



As an example this is Organic Shop that I created using C# and  Google FireBase on the backend and Angular for the frontend.