So what does it take to be a Spring Developer


So Just where do you start when you want to get into Web Development.  Surely there is a method that someone has come up with; Right?  Well not exactly. I could take you on a sorted journey down the way I did it or give you a more simplified approach to get there quicker than you ever thought.  I will break this into different sections so that it will be easier to navigate through all the terms to get to the end result.  I will give an overview of each method I found and the path I should have taken. Hopefully this will give a more descriptive approach of which way you should go.

Whenever you think of web development people associate what they see in the browser as all the content, well it isn't.  What you see is all the markup and pretty placed on the page of the browser so your site or page is mare appealing to the client looking at it. I will give you special discounts to books you can find on Amazon at amazing rates.

HTML / CSS / Javascript

So let's start with the basics.  HTML and CSS.  These books I recommend to those that are interested in development.   This is an awesome deal on this set.  I personally own this set and often refer back to this often. Work through the examples in these books to get up to speed quickly.

Another great resource I love are the Head First Books and I will reference them throughout this post.  I think at last count I have somewhere around 8 or 9 of their books.  Great resources to have on your journey.



React Programing

After the basics You will want to move into some more challenging programming concepts.  One of those is React and Redux which are both Javascript libraries for creating awesome content.  Yes there are some very good Youtube videos out there and here soon I might create some links to those videos that I find relevant to those starting out.

From Reacts webpage it states:  "React makes it painless to create interactive UIs. Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes."

So I always like to have refer to a book when out in the field.


Java Books

At the Core of the language these are the bare minimum I would suggest those that are interested in learning this path and grow your niche in the market.


Spring FrameWork

When developing in spring you would want to take a Problem Solution approach and the best book out there is this.  It goes into great detail into all the aspects of the language from simple programs to the more complex aspect of microservices, Security, Social Media just to name a few.