Retail Operations Program

I have been handed a new project that I will be starting soon. It is a general purpose retail operations management application that is built with C#, DOTNET Framework and will be built using the Windows Presentation Foundation at is't core.  There will be other attributes that will be included, like using the DOTNET Core side to build out the Web interface and most likely will also use Xamarin.Forms to build the mobile side of the application.  I will be using Microsoft's Azure DevOps as my source control.

So what or who is this application going to be for?  Well any company that has to keep track inventory, Sales Forecasting, finance and some other features that I will implement over time.

Because the complexity of this application I will be implementing the core of the application over a few weeks.  Below is some goals that I have set for myself.

  • Create initial models, Controllers and Views (most likely using the Razor Engine)
    • Setup Data Transfer Objects and Interfaces for each of the links between the Models and Controllers.
    • Create Login interface and apply Security for the system.
    • Build out the Database with 2 to 3 seperate options (SQL Server, MySQL and maybe use SQLite just for development)


The stack will include some of the following as time goes along.


BootStrap React /Redux SQL/MySQL/SQLite
WPF Azure MS DevOps Razor View Engine  

I will be adding more to this list as time goes along.  This is going to be a work in progress.