Nikon D7500

A couple of days ago Nikon revealed their newest camera that will hit the market… like a firestorm or maybe more like a fire sale.  I really want to like this new rendition but it is missing on some really important aspects that have been made available to the D7xx line since 2011.

The Good:

  • 8 FPS, up from 6 FPS
  • Native ISO 51,200, up from ISO 25,600
  • Pushed ISO modes up to +5 stops, which look progressively worse until the +5 stop push (ISO 1,638,400) looks horrible.
  • Touch/Flipping LCD. Now if it was an articulating touch screen like it’s baby brother, the D5xxx line which started with the 5500, that would have been a real game changer.
  • 4K Video
  • Bluetooth
  • New EN-EL15a battery, compatible with the older EN-EL15 used in every mid-sized Nikon from the D7000 up to the D500 and D810. Well this isn’t really new since some battery manufactures brought these out a few years ago.
  • 1.6 oz. (45g) lighter than the D7200.
  • Group-area AF
  • Only 20.6 MP, no longer 24 MP

 The Bad:

  • No second card slot
  • No support for older manual focus lenses. This is huge since some of us like to shoot with some of Nikons older manual lenses. So no type G and D lenses.
  • REMOVAL of the battery grip. What were they thinking?
  • What happened to WiFi? I guess they just don’t like the advancements they had with the 7200.

Now for me I would take an older model D7000, D7100 or even the 7200 over the 7500, but maybe it is too early to cross it off. I know I wouldn’t want to go on a photo shoot with it, but time will tell.

What it boils down to is this… Back in February 2017 Nikon reported Extraordinary Loss which is a financial saying of we didn’t meet some of our goals and resulted going into the red.