Crafts and Projects

March Madness

Wow already into a new year and just like last year we are just rolling right along.

Well what have I been up to? Well to start things off I always have a new trick up my sleeve… Well so to speak.  I have been busy at work and other business activities.  Other than that I have been working on some cool stuff that I and my wife will be sending out for Holidays and birthdays.  Plus I am still into my photography stuff as well, so I guess I still have a full plate in front of me.

I remember the quote that Nicholas Cage made in National Treasure about Thomas Edison who stated “I didn’t fail; I found out 2,000 ways how not to make a light bulb,” but he only needed one way to make it work.


That is me.  I started working on a new craft and like most takes time to master.  With that I am feverishly working on a couple of cool projects that I am holding in secret for now…