Making comments

Omg what I firestorm I am in over comments in code. I’m not advocating not using comments but by following after best practices and using comments liberally. Best practice tells us to be generous on the comments we use but also enforces the need between block level comments at the top vs inline, something we can come back to in a few days.

We are humans, and we make mistakes both in documents we created for whoever, just like in code. So if a created document was looked at by a higher up in a company, clearly, does it make sense?

Best practices teach us in any document we create that we need to follow after a specific set of rules that guide us towards the end result.

Take for instance this… You are in a (you name it class) class, and the professor explains that the edition of the writers guide will be enforced; wouldn’t you follow after said guide?

Like I said we are humans and are prone to mistakes, which by following after a certain style guide made mistakes, and admit that. Perfection is a learned task. We can only improve on something that we learned. Be it, whatever you want to name, but it is our benefactors that will look at what we said and will judge us accordingly.

Different regions of where people are born and raised really dictate how that person speaks. If you were born in the south vs the north or west, some words would seem foreign to you. Which is like visiting a foreign country: Germany, France or Japan. Given enough time in that region or country you would learn how to convince within that language.

For instance if I was living anywhere west of Mississippi would it be more advantageous to learn Texas-Latino? And there is a difference. When you try to converse with people of a certain homogeneous culture, don’t expect them to understand exactly what you said.

Point is this, we all speak differently, or more generally, different. Some may speak South American Spanish, which is different than the mother land. Or we may speak in code, according to some best practices within the industry.

The best way to learn anything be it is this. By following after certain specifics within your primary job group, nursing, web development or even construction. We all have specifics that we follow by. Those may be limited job title or even the job description. Not saying that you are not following after the specifics of the job.