Hire a veteran

Hiring of veterans:
Companies stop it. Stop the segregation based solely on the fact that the person you are interviewing was an officer or enlisted.
I read an article that turned my stomach that stated that 9.1% of employers segregated based solely on the fact that the transaction of the vet into civilian life was based solely on the fact that they were an officer of enlisted. The same article sidelined that the individual and his qualifications, experience, education etc.
So we have Bob and Jane. Bob joined straight out of school whereas Jane went to college, got her degree, went to her advanced schools blah blah blah. Bob goes into a technology field, goes one gets his degree in computer science, gets many certifications. Here is the key difference HE WAS ENLISTED.


So what. Well here is the problem with this synopsis. Take out the fact that both were in the military, and now we have an all new playing field. Bob and Jane both if the have the same degrees, qualifications and experience are on an equal playing field.


I was watching MASH the other day, guy on there was an orderly, and what he said still rings true no matter what your field here in 2017. What he said was this… I am a nurse, just like all these women here, but because I am a man I wasn’t given the opportunity to be a male nurse, education aside.


This is the problem we still face today and this practice needs to end