1st Year Web Developer

What a year does to your skill set. When I first started in web development, I had a basic idea of what needed to be done, but didn’t have the skills or knowledge to make it happen. So like all newbies in the industry it all started with the basics… HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. From there is the advanced scripting languages like NodeJS, Ruby or even PHP. I will give some thoughts as to where and what I prefer to use. 

While I like Node and the JavaScript frameworks like Vue and AngularJS, for so long I have enjoyed using PHP more than some. Now I have created projects in all of these, PHP tends to be my go to choice to do my creations in, no to say that I can’t use the CRUD functions in JS or one of the frameworks, I just find that the functions are a little tougher to use than what I can do in PHP.  

Looking at something like this, WordPress, which is built on the PHP, gives end users as well as custom designers a faster way to deliver a great product to the end user. Now I still like to take a basic markup in HTML, create a great front end then add the content like the Navbar and other cool features that are found in either Bootstrap or Foundation. Toss in the PHP scripting to bring out a great design structure.  

So now after my first year I have been getting more into using the PHP frameworks like CakePHP, YII2 and Laravel. While each have their own methodologies as to how or place the structures within the content, I find that Cake and Laravel are the easiest to get a full  application up and running within the shortest amount of time. So while I have been playing around with the PHP frameworks I have been working in Ruby on Rails and it’s CRUD functions as well.  

One thing that I find annoying is that with GoDaddy as my primary Hosting some of the JavaScript and Ruby are a pain in the rump to get working, but I can use a service like Amazon Web Services to upload and deploy those applications, but why does GoDaddy make it extremely difficult for web developers to deploy their apps?  If anyone has a suggestion, hey I am open to hearing what your thoughts are and willing to learn from the more experienced programmers out in the community.